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It is my pleasure to host this web site for the benefit of students and faculty. Ever since I started the journey in the field of education since long, I have always been cordially attached with my teachers and colleagues and students.

I aspire for raising the level of teaching, laboratory facilities and experiments in Electronics and Computer Sciences by continuously updating, and introducing the latest topics, my present areas of interest are Mobile Computing, Embedded Systems, Spatial Information Technology, microconrollers.

My emphasis is towards:

  • Adoption of latest techniques, methodologies and systems for effective orientation of the students not only to the present but also to future needs.

  • Practical applications.

  • Promote Entrepreneurial, Self supporting and Man-making Education.

My message for students is:

Obstacles, hurdle & hindrances,
are just for testing thy endurance.
Life's challenges are sure to be dreary
But never be filled with dismay.

It's not wise ,to show cowardice
keep your clam till they vanish
Bare all the gloom and disappointments
And fortitude face other torment.

Be intrepid and invisible
and have forbearance
Thou will very soon subdue
All these hurdle coming thy avenue.

You can emulate me for a passion for acquiring new knowledge, and disseminate it to as many as you can.

You have great potential. Work with dedication and get ready for the challenges of your career!!!

Dedicated to- My students in the classes, laboratories and projects who are bringing glory to me and our Faculty.

Indispensable things in life are:

Professor (Dr.) Raj Kamal, Ph.D. (IITD)




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