Dr. Raj Kamal (b. 1949)
  • Ph.D.(IIT Delhi) Senior Member IEEE, CSI, ISTE, IAPT, Fellow IETE
  • Senior Professor, Prestige Institute of Engineering Management and Research, Indore
  • Mentor AIC- Prestige Inspire Foundation; Advisor, Prestige University Estt. Project
  • Former Vice Chancellor and Professor in Computer Science and Electronics,Devi Ahilya University, Indore 452001, M.P.

(Research Since August 1967 at age of 18 Yrs, and Teaching since age of 22 still active with same zeal)

Author of Famous Books: McGraw-Hill Big Data Analytics, 2019, Internet of Things, 2017 Embedded Systems3 Ed. and Internet and Web Technology Oxford Univ. Press Mobile Computing,3 Ed. 2018 Schaum Series TMH Adaptation Computer Architecture and Organization, Internet and Web Technology and Pearson Microcontrollers, and Digital Systems
Authored/ Adapted/Published/ Books:
  1. International Reputed Publishers
    • Big Data Analytics- Hadoop, Spark and Machine Learning,Feb. 2019 (Co-author Dr. Preeti Saxena)
    • Internet of Things: Architecture, Design Principles and Applications,May, 2017
    • Embedded Systems - Architecture, Programming and Design, Raj Kamal - A Text Book, McGraw-Hill, First Edition:2003, , 2nd Edition May/June 2008, 3rd Edition, 2014 [US Reprint, McGraw-Hill, New York, USA, Sep 2006, www.mhhe.com/kamal/emb2 McGraw-Hill, International, Singapore, May, 2004, and Tata McGraw Hill, New Delhi (First Print July 2003, Fifteenth Reprint March 2008), Translation in Mandarin (Chinese) by McGraw-Hill, Taiwan 2004, and by McGraw-Hill, South Korea. 2005]
    • Mobile Computing, Raj Kamal, www.oupinheonline.com Oxford University Press, 3rd Edition, May 2018
    • Computer Architecture, [Nicholas Carter (original author) and Raj Kamal (Adaptation/Revision author with Nicholas Carter)] Published as Schaum Series www.mhhe.com/carter/cao McGraw-Hill, International Indian Edition, Ist Edition May 2006, 2nd Edition 2010
    • Digital Systems Principles and Design,Raj Kamal A Text Book, www.pearsoned.co.in/Raj Kamal Pearson Education, Anna Univ.Edition, 2012
    • Switching Theory and Logic Design, Raj Kamal - A Text Book, www.pearsoned.co.in/Raj Kamal Pearson Education, JNTUK Edition, 2012
    • Computer Programming and IT, [Two other authors and Raj Kamal]- a Text Book www.pearsoned.co.in Pearson Education, RTU Edition , 2011
    • Digital Systems Principles and Design, Raj Kamal- A Text Book, www.pearsoned.co.in/Raj Kamal Pearson Education, Singapore, Jan. 2007
    • Internet and Web Technologies, Raj Kamal - a Text Book Published by McGraw Hill, New Delhi (Sixteenth Print 2016)
    • Concepts and Features of Microcontroller, Raj Kamal- 68HC11, 8051 and 8096 (includes Programmable Logic controllers) Latest Reprint 2004, Published by S. Chand & Co. First Recipient of UGC Best Publisher Award, 2002 (Web Site http://www.schandgroup.com/)
    • Digital Computer Electronics, Raj Kamal (Scholar Publs, Indore 1997)
    • Interface and Communication Electronics, Raj Kamal (Scholar Publs, Indore, 1996)
    • Basic Electronic Devices and Systems, Raj Kamal (Scholar Publs, Indore, 1995)
  3. Books Edited:
    • Proceeding of International Conference on Advanced Computing Networking and Informatics, (Ed. Dr. Raj Kamal, Dr. Michel Hanshaw and Dr. Pramod Nair), ISBN 978-981-13-2672-1, Springer, 2018
    • Three Volumes a. LASER and Optics b. Energy c. Plasma, Published by Wiley Eastern Limited, New Delhi. 1990 (with Professor K. P. Maheshwari and Professor R. L. Sawhwney)
  4. National Level Lessons Authored
    • Authored Five Chapters on Fundamentals of Computers for Indira Gandhi National Open University, New Delhi in 1995
ACADEMIC POSTS (Unique distinction of serving as Professor in five Subjects)

Teaching 47 years and research Experience 52 years since the age of 18)

  1. Professor, Electronics and Communication Engineering, P.I.E.M.R, Indore, July 17, 2017- This Date
  2. Professor, Information Technology, M.I.S.T. March 03, 2014- July 15, 2017
  3. Professor Computer science, Devi Ahilya University, Indore,- March. 13, 1989-Feb. 28, 2014
  4. Professor-in-Charge, 1996-2000 at Institute of Engineering and Technology, Devi Ahilya University, Indore, 1996-2000
  5. Professor, Physics, Devi Ahilya University, Indore,- March 03, 1989 -March. 13, 1989
  6. Professor, Computer Science and Engineering and Dean Academics and R & D, GNEC, Hyderabad, from 1 Oct. 2007 to 15 Sept 2008 during leave period
  7. Professor and Head, Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering and Director, "TIFAC Govt. of India Project for Excellence in Network Engineering", AKCE now 'Kalaslingam University', Krishnanakoil, Srivilliputtur, Tamilnadu June 2002 - April 2004 during leave period
  8. Visiting Professor: Department of Electrical Engineering Education, King Mongkut Institute of Technology, Bangkok, Thailand, March to June 1997
  9. Reader, Physics, Punjabi University, Patiala - Jan. 01, 1982 - Feb. 26, 1989; Lecturer Physics, Punjabi University, Patiala - June 01, 1972 - Dec. 21, 1981
Present National Level Assignments

Expert for Evaluation, National Board of Accreditation- Since 2008 to this date Sub: Electronics and Communication Engineering, Computer Science and Engineering and Information Technology

Member, Board of Management, Kalasalingam University, Krishnankovil, Tamilnadu


Number of Papers: 155
Published Papers 2014 -this date at P.I.E.M.R. Indore 12

Area: Machine Learning, Data Analytics, Robots Orchestration

Papers 1990-this date at Devi Ahilya University, Indore 83

Area: Embedded Systems in Industrial Electronics, Machine Learning, Mobile Computing devices, Computer Science, Electronics

Papers 1972-1989 at Punjabi University, Patiala 45
  1. International Reputed Top Rated journals:30
  2. List of National Publications related to development of new instruments, systems, and equipments: 7
  3. List of Popular Educational Articles: 08
Number of Papers 1967-1982 at I.I.T. Delhi- 11

  1. Mrs. Kirti Bhati (Panwar), "Data Anlytics and Visualisation in Mobile Web and Cloud services", Research Center: Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering (Expected Since Jan. 2015)
  2. Surya Kant Soni "Apps Virtualisation and Data Anlytics in SoA" (Research Center: School of Computer Science and IT, Co-guide: Dr. D. S. Bhilare (Expected since Jan. 2015)
  3. Mrs. Pritika Bahad, "Data Analytics and Visualisation of Data Streams in Mobile Computing environment" Co-Guide Dr. Mrs. Preeti Saxena (Research Center: School of Computer Science and IT) (Expected since Jan. 2015)
  1. Rameez Raja Chowdhary "Dynamic Orchestration of Networked Robotic Systems Robots" (Research Center: Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering) Co-guide: Dr. Mrs. Manju Chattopadhyay 2019
  2. Ms. Reena Gupta "Dynamic Orchestration in Service Oriented Architecture" (Research Center: School of Computer Science and IT) Co-guide: Dr. Ugrasen Suman 2018
  3. Ms. Archana Chaudhary, "Performance Study of Machine Learning Techniques for Mobile Intelligent Systems" (Research Center: School of Computer Science and IT) 2017
  4. Mrs. Shweta Agarwal, "Object Based Architecture of Orchestrator for Service Oriented Architecture, Robotics and Control Systems" (Research Center: School of Computer Science and IT) 2016
  5. Mrs. Supriya Kelkar: "Development and Analysis of Data Reduction Algorithms for Automotive Multiplex System Systems/In-Vehicle networks with specific reference to CAN 2.0 protocol. (Research Center, Electronics and Communication Engineering) (2014)
  6. Mrs. Preeti Saxena, "XML filters for messaging based mobile and spatial information services" (Research Centre: School of Computer Science and IT) (2014)
  7. Mrs. Aradhana Goutam (Pandey), "Orchestrator Model for System Security" (Research Centre: School of Computer Science and IT) as main guide; Co-guide: Dr. Mrs. Maya Ingle, (2013)
  8. Mr. R. P. Mahajan, "A study in Solution of Financial Engineering Problems using Quantum Computing and AI Techniques, " (Research Centre: School of Computer Science and IT ) (2012)
  9. Ms. Savita Kolhe, "Standardization of Intelligent Information Systems for diseases diagnosis in crops" (Research Centre: School of Computer Science and IT) as main guide; Coguides: Dr. H. S. Saini and Dr. G.K. Gupta (Research Center School of Computer Science and IT) (2011)
  10. Mr. Chandrakant Khairnar: "Code and Energy Efficiency for software defined radios for mobile applications" as co-guide but as main initiator (Research Center, Electronics and Communication Engineering) (2009)
  11. Mr. Harvinder Singh Saini, "Web based fuzzy expert Information System for Pest Management", as main guide (Research Centre, School of Computer Science and IT) (2002)
  12. Mr. Gilbert Akin Ibitola, "Computer Assisted Systems for Agricultural Applications", (Research Centre: School of Computer Science and IT) as main Guide (1996)
  13. Mr. Sarang Medhakar, "Guided Laser Beams in Nonlinear media", (Research Center Physics) as co-guide (1995)
  14. Ms. Usha Mahajan, "A study of heating and cooling potential of earth Completed Structures" as coguide (Research Center: Energy Studies and Environment) (1994)
  15. Lovleen Kaur (Research Center: Department of Physics, Punjabi University Patiala)
  16. Manjeet Singh (Research Center: Department of Physics, Punjabi University Patiala) (1989)
  17. Meera Rani (Research Center: Department of Physics, Punjabi University Patiala) (1986)
  18. Satpal Singh Sekhon (Research Center: Department of Physics, Punjabi University Patiala) (1981)
  19. Naval Kishore, as co-guide (Research Center: Department of Physics, IIT Delhi) (1982)
ADMINISTRATIVE POSTS Experience 27 years since the age of 40
  1. Vice Chancellor, Devi Ahilya University, Indore -Dec. 08, 2011 ¾June 27, 2012, March 20, 2009 ¾ June 01, 2009, Aug. 5, 2006¾ March, 5 2007; Pro-Vice Chancellor/Rector, Devi AhilyaUniversity, Indore - Since Aug. 28, 2011 ¾June 27, 2012
  2. Director, Medi-Caps Institute of Science and Technology, Indore
  3. Member, Board of management, Kalasalingam University, Kishnankovil, Tamilnadu
  4. Director/Coordinator, University Internal Quality Assurance Cell,Devi Ahilya University, Indore - Since Feb.2, 2011 to Feb.28, 2014
  5. Head of University Teaching Departments in Electronics, Computer Science, for the period 01.04.1990 to Feb. 2011 (except Jan1993 to April 1994, June 2002 to April 2004, Oct. 2007 to November 2008); Director, Center for Potential of Excellence in e-Management Studies, Feb. 2011 to Jan. 2012
  6. Dean, Engineering Sciences, 1992-1994
  1. Institute of Engineering Technology (in 1994-97) at Devi Ahilya University, Indore, [Other team members: Prof. S. K. Chitale and Dr. M. K. Sahu]
  2. International Institute of Professional Studies (in 1992) at Devi Ahilya University, Indore [Other team members: Prof. S. K. Chitale and Prof. R. D. Agarwal]
  1. Information Technology Center at Devi Ahilya University Indore (One of the best center in India) [Other team members: Dr. Mrs. VrindaTokekar, Late Dr. M. K. Sahu, Dr. P. Kanungo, Dr. D. S. Bhilare]
  1. M.Sc. Electronics- One of first six universities in Country Selected by UGC/Department of Electronics, Govt. of India in 1990
  2. M. Tech. Mobile Computing UGC Innovative Programme First in Country in 2008
  3. M. Tech. Embedded Systems First in Country in 2002
  4. M. Tech. Spatial Information Technology First in Country in Computer and Electronics Discipline in 2007
Appendix- A
IMPORTANT ACTIONS AS Vice Chancellor Indore in Third Tenure (07/12/2011 to 27/06/12)
  1. His Excellency Visit for Inauguration of Academic Staff College Guest House 14.12.2011, Hon'ble MP 06.01.2012 and Hon'ble Minister Visit 24.03.2012
  2. Initiated all round activities for Academic Quality and Excellence Year 2012, and steps and planning started for improving University Grade in NAAC accreditation in Cycle 3
  3. Series of Cultural Programs from 06.01.2012 to this date: SugamSangeet, Gazal, Kabir Sandhya, Orchestra, University Band first public appearance, Cultural Activities competition, Desh Bhatki GeetCompetition
  4. Series of Seminars and Conferences in School of Studies and Institutes from 06.01.2012 to June 27, 2012
  5. DAVV-NTPC Foundation Establishment of "ICT centre for students with disabilities" 16.01.2012 MOU signed
  6. XIIth Plan 2012-17 to the UGC expected to award grant of Rs. 50Crores submitted in March 2012
  7. Strengthening of New Centers- (a) Devi Ahilya Shodh Peeth (b) Career and Counseling Cell (c) Centre of Potential for Excellence in e-Management (d) Centre for Studies on Women in Backwards Areas (e) Centre for Study of Natural Resources in Backwards Areas
  8. New steps- (i) Virtual Class room set at IET and classes were held under National Mission of Education Through ICT on Research Methodology, delivered by IIT Bombay, June 25, 2012 to 04.07.2012 (ii) Writing and film preparation University Golden 50 years History,(iii) Setting Records and Archives and (iv) Ph.D. Cell for effective implementation of new regulations of UGC for maintenance of minimum standards for the Ph.D. and M. Phil.
  9. University Cultural Centre Auditorium Up-gradation
  10. University Gyan-Vani FM Radio Station Additional Equipment
  11. Strengthening Wi-Fi Infrastructure across all Class rooms, and Networking Equipment
  12. Three hundred Computers being introduced for use of ICT, Printers & UPS, High Speed Scanners, High Speed Data Transfer Mobile Devices and Tablet Computers for Administrative Sections of the University; Series of Career Counseling activities- English Classes, Lectures and activities including lectures of Personalities Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, Sandeep Manudhane
  13. Steps being taken to significantly strengthen the faculty and employees strength in the University and their promotions by submitting requirements to State Govt.
  14. Initiated University Notices on Web Notices since 1.1.2012
  15. Introduction of new workload norms for the Faculty as per new UGC Regulations, Introduction of Performa based Assessment of the Faculty as per new UGC Regulations and Introduction of Code and Ethics as per new UGC regulations. VC's thorough examination of Self Appraisal reports and Performa Based Assessment Reports
  16. Planned Six Departments Solar Power stations to save electricity of Rs. 11 lakhs per year being undertaken
  17. Online Enrollment and Online Examination Forms; Planned All forms and collection of fees on-line from 01.07.12
  18. Continuance of steps for new Look Sports Fields, Excellent Canteen Infrastructure and Indian Coffee House and New Women Hostel's expansion, New School of Commerce building, Institute of Engineering and Technology Girls Hostels, Faculty and Officers' quarters and Academic Staff College Participants' Guest House
  19. Emphasis on Student Feedback and Actions based on that
  20. Hostel Feedback Rigorously Introduced and Actions based on that
  21. Plan presented by the School of Studies in AQAR 2010-11 being implemented
  22. Infrastructure and Equipment in School of Studies under UGC plan
  23. Examination and Results on Time in January 2012 and May-June 2012
  24. VC appreciation certificates to dedicated employees and faculty
  25. Nine Executive Council Meetings 19.12.2011, 21.01.2012, 04.02.2012, 11.02.2012,03.03.2012, 24.03.2012, 27.03.12, 13.04.12 and 280412; One Academic Council Meeting 20.12.2011, One or two Meetings every month of Standing Committee of Academic Council, Academic Planning and Evaluation Board (held after 2009) 27.12.2011, Building Committee Meeting (held after 15 months) 03.01.2011 and next 030512. Finance Committee Meetings- Four numbers
IMPORTANT ACTIONS AS Vice Chancellor Indore in Second Tenure ( 2-1/2 months 20/03/2009 to 01/06/2009)
  1. Arranged Internal Quality Assessment and External Quality Assessment of All Departments in April-May 2009)
  2. Steps to significantly strengthen the faculty strength in the University School of Studies, Energy, Statistics, IIPS, IMS, Computer Science, Management, Education, Pharmacy
  3. VC appreciation certificates to dedicated employees and faculty
  4. Planned and Organised Lectures for 3 days during July 17-19, 2009 (inaugurated by Padan Bhushan Dr Anil Kakodkar) Lectures of 25 National Award (Dr. Shanti Swarup Bhatnagar Award given by President of India every year in Mathematical, Physical, Biological and Engineering Sciences) Winning Scientists at University
IMPORTANT ACTIONS AS Vice Chancellor Indore in First Tenure (7 months 05/08/2006 to 05/03/2007)
  1. Convocation held in University after 17 years in which seven eminent personalities of the Country were awarded honorary doctorates [Narayanmurthy, Verghese Kurien, Rahul Bajaj, S.Ramadorai, Karshanbhai Patel, Shiva Nadar] and initaited first time award of Gold Medals and Ph.D. degrees at Conovocation
  2. Organized Many cultural programs- Garba competition, Ramayana and Krishna Leela, with Dance and Songs, Meera Bhajans, Skits and Drama, Invited Famous singer: Kavita Krishnamurthy
  3. Introduction of Painting classes as a part of personality development
  4. Lectures series held- "Listen to top Experts"
  5. Initiated Computerization of Student processes, e-submission of all University forms and fees and on-line University services
  6. Personal cash awards and VC appreciation certificates to students, dedicated employees and faculty
  7. Introduced Wi-Fi facilities in Campus and Hostels
  8. Top grade Information Technology Centre, office and computer laboratories infrastructure
  9. Digital Library
  10. Medical services in hostels and started concept of health file for students
  11. Over 100 high-tech International class rooms with LCDs, Internet and Computers
  12. Introduction of student and hostel feed back, strengthening of teaching faculty, etc
  13. Planned and Organised Lectures for 3 days during March 07-09, 2007 (inaugurated by Dr R. Chidambaram) about 25 National Award (Dr. Shanti Swarup Bhatnagar Award given by President every year in Mathematical, Physical, Biological and Engineering Sciences) Winning Scientists at University. First time such unique conferences in the country
  14. Radio Frequency Surveillance System in University Library
  15. Annual Indian National Science Academy Conference
  16. Internet laboratory for blind
  17. Eye surgery of poor patients (400) by Mobile van donated by UK
  18. Radio News and Educational Programs broadcast from University
  19. Complete solar energy based plant installation for School of Energy by Tata Energy
  20. Start of new Computer Science, e-technologies and Information Technology building of Rs. 7 crore, Electronics Building Extension of Rs. 1 crore, New Girls hostel-105 seated Rs. 1.5 crore, Health Center and day care center Rs. 40 lakhs
  21. Computer classes for above 600 poor students at nominal cost Rs. 50 per month in University Auditorium by Dr Raj Kamal, Mrs. Preeti Saxena and Mrs. Sharadha Masih for 3 months 12 hours/week on Computer Architecture, Java and C/C++, respectively)
  22. Total 305 Items in Executive Council in 7 months, Fist Executive Council 89 Items.
D. Total Number of Papers: 155
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